DERMUTH HOTELS - Events, Festlivities arount lake Wörthersee in Carinthia Austria DERMUTH HOTELS - Events, Festlivities arount lake Wörthersee in Carinthia Austria DERMUTH HOTELS - Events, Festlivities arount lake Wörthersee in Carinthia Austria

Events 2019


Muttertag 12.05. Muttertag
Fetè Blanche – Wörthersee 06.07. Fetè Blanche – Wörthersee



Wörthersee autofrei 28. 04. Wörthersee autofrei Wörthersee
  16. - 18.05. Karawanken Classic Rallye Pörtschach
  25.05. Die Seer Klagenfurt
Golf GTI Treffen – Maria Wörth / Reifnitz 29.05. - 01.06. 38. GTI Treffen Wörthersee - Reifnitz
  31.05. Wolfgang Ambros, Opus, Spider Murphy Gang und Luke Andrews Moosburg
  01.06. Christina Stürmer, Josh und Matakustix Moosburg
  03. - 09.06. Int. Austrian Championships Werzer-Kelag-Cup Pörtschach
  07. - 10.06. Yoga Festival Pörtschach
  08.06. Wörthersee Triathlon 2575 Pörtschach
  10. – 16.06. European Senior Championships Pörtschach
Int. Sportwagen Festival - Velden 10. - 16.06. 21. Internationale Sportwagenwoche Velden
  20. - 23.06. United World Games Klagenfurt
  20. - 23.06. 3. Wörthersee Vespa days Pörtschach
  28.06. Ed Sheeran Klagenfurt
Fetè Blanche – Wörthersee 06.07. Fete Blanche Wörthersee
Ironman Austria Triathlon – Wörthersee 07.07. Ironman Austria – Triathlon Wörtherse
World Bodypainting Festival 07.-13.07. World Bodypainting Festival Klagenfurt
  19.07. Bon Jovi Klagenfurt
Starnacht am Wörthersee – Pörtschach 19. - 20.07. Starnacht am Wörthersee Klagenfurt
  27.07. Eros Ramazotti Klagenfurt
  03.08. Andrea Berg Klagenfurt
  16.08. Umberto Tozzi Moosburg
Marienschiffsprozession mit Fest der 100 Lichter – Wörthersee 15. 08. Marien-Schiffsprozession Wörthersee
  16.08. „Schlager 2.0“ mit Matthias Reim uvm. Moosburg
Wörthersee Halbmarathon – Wörthersee 23. - 25.08. Kärnten läuft Klagenfurt
Pink Lake Festival 2010 – Pörtschach 23. - 25.08. Pink Lake – Int. Gay Festival Velden
  23.08. We love the 90`s Party Moosburg
  24.08. Status Quo Moosburg
  25.08. Wörthersee-Halbmarathon Wörthersee
Internationaler Johannes Brahm Wettbewerb – Pörtschach 02. - 09.09. 26. Int. Brahms Wettbewerb Pörtschach
European Bike Week – Faakersee 03. - 08.09. European Bike Week – Harley Davidson Treffen Faakersee
Wörthersee Trail 21. - 22.09. Wörthersee Trail Maniak Wörthersee


Kärnten IRONMAN Austria Starnacht Weekend am Wörthersee Fête Blanche
The Carinthia IRONMAN Austria will take place on 07 July 2019 for the 21st time. 3.8 km of swimming in Lake Wörthersee, 180 km of cycling in 2 circuits and 42.2 km of marathon. At the “Starnacht” night of stars weekend, a great number of VIPs will be at Lake Wörthersee. Havana bar, cool drinks and hot music – that’ll put about 7,000 fans in the right mood. Fête Blanche 2019 - Enjoy the festival in white at various locations around Lake Wörthersee on 14 July 2019. From drinks to stylish outfits – everything in white.
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Borrow a bike, play a tennis match with friends, try your hand at water-skiing or play mini-golf with your children


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More family fun for half the room price. Don’t let this offer get away! Enjoy more relaxed sleep and save money at the same time.


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A place where golfers’ hearts beat faster and cyclists can take it easy on the numerous leisure cycle trails – let sport inspire you!


Golf Treats

The Dermuth Hotels have no less than 16 beautiful golf courses in their immediate vicinity. We offer price discounts and are happy to organise your next golfing holiday for you!

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